Why does my chainsaw smoke a lot?

Like any garden device and tool designed with a mechanical system, a chainsaw can break down. Multiple problems can be the cause. It should be established first, what are the symptoms that cause the failure. Does this happen when the device is on? On the contrary, does it no longer start? Is it when it's hot or cold? Does it give off smoke or a foul odor? It is on this last point, frequent on many models that we will focus: understanding why a chainsaw smokes a lot.

chainsaw smokes a lot

Chainsaw that smokes a lot: frequent breakdowns

Smoke from a bad oil-gasoline mixture

The main reason for a chainsaw that emits smoke (white most of the time), is the result of a bad oil / fuel mixture or bad oil. The oil / fuel mixture is to be prepared carefully, taking into account specific percentages. Take into account before starting, the indications of the manufacturer, because there are different proportions from one brand to another. Generally speaking, you can consider a part of 2% (for a STIHL for example) to 4% (for other brands) of oil and the rest of gasoline. If your chainsaw smokes, it may be that this mixture is wrongly dosed, causing the engine to overheat. Be careful, white smoke from bad mixing will cause further breakdowns and damage the entire mechanism. It is therefore important to spend time on it and take the problem into consideration at the first signs.

The chainsaw smokes because of the segment

If your chainsaw smokes, it is likely that it is due to a segment problem. Check the engine and see if the ring is not broken or damaged. If you have noticed a lack of horsepower in use, it is also probably due to the segment. It should then be replaced quickly and correctly. This part wears out quite frequently so it is not difficult to find it from manufacturers. Replace it and see if there is still a smoke problem.

The chainsaw smokes because of the dirty muffler

As its name suggests, the function of the silencer is to reduce engine noise. If smoke comes out of your chainsaw, the muffler may be dirty due to carbon build-up. When igniting, the engine will begin to smoke. You can clean the muffler with a mild detergent, but we recommend that you replace it to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the near future. Look to brands like Stihl or Husqvarna, for the most suitable quality / price ratio.

The chainsaw smokes because of the clogged air filter

Similar to the silencer, the air filter can also be clogged and lead to white smoke during use. The air filter cleans the air before it mixes with the fuel. If it is dirty, it will not send enough air into the fuel mixture, which will ignite because the cylinder is too hot. This overheating will release smoke. Take the time to clean your filter with soapy water and rinse with cold water. Once dry, replace the filter; the smoke should be gone. Remember to change this filter once a year, this will allow better maintenance of the chainsaw.

Smoking chainsaw: rare breakdowns

A smoking chainsaw chain

Rare mechanical problems can occur when using a chainsaw. This is the case, for example, of smoke which would be due to the chain. We will focus on the chain once the above elements have been analyzed and repaired. Apart from the fact of damp wood, a chain should not smoke. If, however, this happens, then look for the chain lubrication. If the lubrication of the system is insufficient, the chain will heat up quickly and the friction, too strong, will produce smoke. If you notice this problem, stop the machine immediately. Check the lubrication system and clean. Make sure the chain will receive enough lubricant to function properly.

The chainsaw smokes because of the carburetor needle

Your chainsaw continues to emit white smoke despite the repairs seen previously? Then it is good to check the tightness of the carburetor needle. If there is a leak at this level of the device, smoke may be an effect. The carburetor needles work the same way depending on whether it is the following brands: Wabro, Tiloson, Mac Culloch, Zamac… If the needle is perforated or if it has leaks, there will be leaks and therefore problems in use. It is then essential to replace this part.

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